Orange Agate & Carnelian Gemstone Keyring

Orange Agate & Carnelian Gemstone Keyring

Brighten up your bag, purse, key chain or car keys with this unique handmade orange Agate gemstone keyring.




Agate Pendant: Astrological associations: Gemini

Agate radiates positivity to rebalance and harmonise the body, mind and spirit. It cleanses the aura to eliminate and transform negative energy by healing inner anger and tension, replacing it with a sense of serenity and tranquility. The gem promotes courage, strength and security while enhancing mental function by improving our concentration, perception and analytical abilities.

Carnelian Bead: Astrological associations: Virgo

Carnelian boosts energy levels by restoring vitality and the motivation to succeed. It enhances courage and promotes positive life choices while stimulating creativity.


The Agate gemstone pendant has unique curves and markings in a variety of shades of orange and pink.

The pendant measures 4.5cm x 4.2cm (LxW) and the total length of the keyring is 12cm. The keyring weighs 20g *

All Her Next Smile healing gifts are cleansed before being posted to enhance their natural healing properties.

* The postage costs are based on weight, so please remember the keyring will weigh more when in a gift box or pouch.

Additional information

Weight 34 g
Gemstone Information

• All gemstones purchased from Her Next Smile are cleansed with incense before they are sent to you, however they will pick up negatives energies and vibrations over time and will need to be cleansed and re-energised again.

• The gemstones have been collected from natural sources but are carved smooth with no sharp edges. They may have imperfections and/or dents.

Packaging Details

• The keyring will be packaged in a faux silk pouch, or a strong cardboard gift box with red or black heart patterns,

Care Instructions

• The metal used is silver plated and will retain its colour longest when protected from water and perfume.

General Information

• Colours may vary slightly to expectations upon arrival of your order. This is due to the colour calibration of each individual internet device.


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