Aquamarine & Hand of Fatima Bracelet


This handmade elastic bracelet features energy-balancing Aquamarine beads and protective Hand of Fatima beads. The crystal sharpens intuition and calms an overactive mind.

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Astrological associations: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Aquamarine promotes courage and self-expression. Its balancing, stress-reducing energies are useful for closure and help to calm an overactive mind, making it especially ideal for sensitive people. Aquamarine shields the aura, provides physical protection, and aligns the chakras. It aids in sharpening intuition, the intellect and expressing yourself, while invoking tolerance of others and aiding overcoming judgementalism. It provides support to those overwhelmed by responsibility while clearing the mind of confusion. Aquamarine also aids a peaceful pregnancy.


This handmade elastic bracelet is crafted with genuine 8mm crystal beads. The Tibetan silver Hand of Fatima beads symbolise protection, strength, power, peace, prosperity and hope.

The bracelet measures approximately 7.5″ in length which will fit most wrists. To request a different size, please message me using the Comment Box on the checkout page.


All Her Next Smile healing gifts are cleansed with incense before being posted to enhance their natural healing properties.

Weight 20 g
Gemstone Information

• All healing crystals are cleansed with incense before they are packaged and sent to you, however they will pick up negative energies and vibrations over time and will need to be cleansed and re-energised again

• The gemstone beads have been carved smooth and have no sharp edges

• The gemstone beads have been collected from natural sources and may have imperfections and/or dents.

Care Instructions

• The charm and fastenings used are Tibetan silver metal and the spacer beads and links are silver plated metal. The metals will retain their colour longest when protected from water and perfume.

General Information

• Colours may vary slightly to expectations upon arrival of your order. This is due to the colour calibration of each individual internet device.


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