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Hi, I’m Becky. I’m a part time jewellery designer and full time mum.
I make every piece of jewellery myself from my home in the Peak District.

A precious piece of jewellery can be the ultimate confidence booster, making us radiate elegance. Whether shopping for yourself or a girlfriend, friend or family member, choose something glamorous and unique!


My collections are your collections. Proudly using ethically sourced materials, Her Next Smile manufactures a range of handmade jewellery pieces and limited edition gifts.

I love to offer you creative freedom over your pieces. Lots of my handmade jewellery is customisable, with multiple extendable necklace and design options to choose between.


I love gemstones and I’m proud to select stunning semi-precious healing crystals to complete my pieces. Quality is important to me, so I’ll never knowingly work with synthetic or dyed crystals (other than Howlite which looks incredible when dyed blue and is very popular for people who want to treat themselves to affordable jewellery which closely resembles Turquoise!)

The qualities associated with gemstones can improve the wearer’s mindset and health both mentally and physically.


I don’t sell jewellery which has been pre-made and sold by a wholesale supplier. I think that’s an attack on your individualism.

However, if you know exactly how you want your next jewellery piece to look but can’t find it in the store, you can request a bespoke order. I can even order new crystal beads and pendants to create your designs.

I can create a gemstone bracelet with your favourite beads, or mix and match pendants to suit your style.


I do a quality standards check on every product before packaging them but if your item gets damaged in the post, I can help. Please contact me for more details.


There is no minimum delivery charge and I work with PayPal to ensure payments are dealt with professionally.

One of a Kind

The best treats are the unique ones. Don't let anyone snap up your favourite piece - when it's gone, you might never see it again!

Always Available

Have a question? Had an issue with the site? Looking for a personalised order? Whatever your question, contact me and I'll try my best to help!


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