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Sage Smudging Stick

Sage Smudging Stick

Cleanse your home, body and crystals with natural sage to keep negative energies at bay.


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This popular Native American cleansing method uses dried sage bundles to cleanse the home and items within it, to heal people of negative energy and for blessings. Although Abalone shells are traditionally used in some tribes for catching the ashes and embers, any heat proof dish or plate can be used to catch the embers and ash as the natural sage burns.


Sage stick size: 4.5″ in length with a 1.4″ bulb

The photos are for reference purposes only. Due to the unique nature of sage sticks, each item varies slightly in size and shape.

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Packaging Details

• The sage smudge stick will be protected with bubble wrap.

Care Instructions

• Keep away from fabrics and flammable items, and carry a heat-proof plate or shell to catch embers and ash when the smudging stick is burning.

General Information

• Colours may vary slightly to expectations upon arrival of your order. This is due to the colour calibration of each individual internet device.


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